What is Pilates Matwork?

Waradise had a chance to get to know more about the Pilates method from Anna Oguimoura, who is the Pilates Home Studio Owner and Pilates Instructor based in Kuala Lumpur since 2008.

Below are her sharing about the definition of Pilates Matwork and What makes Mat Pilates Unique :

Do you need Equipment to do Pilates Matwork?

Matwork is floorbased bodyweight workout. Unlike popular belief, you DO NOT NEED EQUIPMENT to do Pilates.

Here comes matwork, 34 exercises Joseph Pilates originally created as a young man to strengthen his own body and then started teaching others.

What makes Mat Pilates unique?

  1. It’s about core muscles.
  2. Any exercise can be modified to increase or decrease the challenge level.
  3. It can be modified for anybody, age, and fitness level.
  4. It’s mind, body, and spirit practice.
  5. It can be a great option for those new to Pilates.
  6. It can be a way to begin a home practice.
  7. It creates a leaner look.
  8. It increases flexibility, improves posture, balances musculature.

Pilates matwork came before any apparatus J.Oilates developed, it can be practiced anywhere even under MCO.

Anna conducted the Pilates training through online during MCO time

“Pilates is called a practice for a reason as it requires focus and dedication. For me, it became a way of moving and living for 20 over years,the best investment in my health.”

– Anna Oguimoura , Pilates Home Studio
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