2020: Pros & Cons Of Online Fitness

Technology is Changing How The Fitness Industry Delivers.

In addition to wearables and apps, NOW we can access almost any type of GROUP exercise class from YOGA to HIIT at any venue with WiFi.

Welcome to the Virtual Fitness World!

Pros for Virtual Fitness

Pros are many:
-Any time access for clients;
-Wide variety of class formats,
-Class can be taken alone-may be good for beginners to increase their comfort level;
-Instructor is never late😉

Cons for Virtual Fitness

But there are some drawbacks too:
-Lack of personal interaction;
-WIFI glitches to interrupt the class flow;
-Content can be repetitive,
-Safety, injury, and liability issues are greater when a live instructor is not available

While some workouts look interesting or are labeled as low impact, for inexperienced exercisers can be not Safe to follow. There is a difference between what is fun to watch and what is fun to do.

Some studios offer duet/one on one virtual options-these eliminate the “cons”-but for glitches perhaps💪.

The bottom line is, though virtual group fitness is an excellent option for a home workout, especially under MCO, most would agree that it would never replace human connection, key instructional feedback high level of energy created by a live instructor.

Shared by Anna Oguimoura: Bsc Sports Science, Bsc Exercise Rehabilitation(2010), Exercise physiologist, PMA-NCPT(2006-2022), ACSM Exercise is Medicine Cred, Lev2(2018), Tai Chi

PilateshomestudioClasses (click here) Online Offer Class:

-Privates/duets/small groups of 3 with Previous Experience/ Prenatal

-Duets/privates only and only with previous experience/privates for clients with special needs due to health condition

Thanks for reading. Till next time 🙂

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