How to Choose the Right Fitness Apparel?

To keep your focus on workout, here are some tips/criteria to choose Fitness apparel:

As a Fitness Enthusiast, we will do the body workout no matter where we are. Especially during this pandemic time, we have more time to build our body stronger.

It is no doubt that Sportwear is playing a crucial role during our workout time. By wearing suitable and comfortable sportswear, you tend to focus more on workout activities.

With that being said, it is necessary to find the comfy materials which are :

Breathable and Easy to wick sweat away from the skin.


Hence, your workout clothing should be made from these types of materials:

a) Bamboo -Highly sweat-absorbent, quick-dry, light and one of the softest fabrics
b) Nylon -Lightweight, easy to wash, fast-drying, low moisture absorbency
c) Spandex– Used to make stretchable clothing, good dyeability, and resists fading
d) Cotton– Ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort
e) Polyester – Great holding capacity for water, wrinkle-resistant

How to define what kind of clothes are best for working out?

Our fitness clients are willing to share with us what type of fabrics that make their work-out the best. They are always looking for better quality fabric in order to allow them to focus better during workout time.

WARADISE believes a good fabric material fulfills below criteria:

a) Moisture management: if the fabric does not absorb sweat/wet, it means the fabric is moisture-wicking. If the fabric is absorptive, means after the workout it becomes wet and heavy, it is not the material that suits your workout.

b) Breathable: The fabric allows to breathe, enable the moisture to pass through ability.


Yoga/Pilates training is focused on fluid movements. It is essential the person wears the clothing that allows you to move and stretch freely. And the clothing should support you to contort (twist or bend) into numerous positions


  • Form-fitting outfit
  • Tucked Hems
  • Simple
  • Comfortable


High-intensity interval training involves a lot of movements & tons of sweat. In order to support your HIIT training, here are the criteria for your reference:

  • Sports Bra: strong & supportive
  • Workout Pants/ Leggings/ Shorts: should allow the person to move freely
  • Top vests: Loose fitting arms, allow the person to move faster

Till next post.

Love from Waradise Team.

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